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A good solicitor will make sure your transaction is dealt with as efficiently as possible, and that any unnecessary delays are avoided. A good quality solicitor will also make sure your interests are protected properly. All solicitors will conduct a certain amount of searches and inquiries on your property to check for any issues with the property before you are committed to buying it. A good Manchester solicitors service or any other conveyancing service will make sure the correct searches are carried out and will be good at spotting potential issues.

There are lots of firms out there who charge competitive fees and offer a very good service. Lots of factors could affect how much a law firm charges its clients; such as the type of clientele the firm usually caters for or the geographical area of the law firm. For example, a law firm who usually deals with rich property clients in an expensive area, such as Mayfair in London, could charge clients a lot more than a less affluent area of London. If you want to assess the quality of a law firm before you hire them there are a few ways of doing this.

Lawyer Quality Marks
Solicitors firms in the UK are sometimes awarded quality marks or accreditations by the Law Society. These demonstrate that a law firm has passed certain quality tests and meets certain standards. The two quality marks relevant to conveyancing solicitors are the “Lexcel” accreditation and the “Conveyancing Quality” accreditation. Law firms which have been awarded these quality marks usually advertise this on their websites and correspondence. Finding a law firm which has one of these accreditations can be a good sign that they will provide a quality service.

Personal Recommendations
It is likely that you will know someone in your local area who has bought or sold a property. It is a good idea to ask around and see if anyone can recommend a good solicitor to you. It is always worth bearing in mind that the solicitor you choose does not have to be based near to where you live or where you are moving to.

Quotes First
It is always a good idea to check how much a solicitor charges before you hire them. The way in which solicitors charge their clients can vary. Two of the most common ways are either via an hourly rate or by agreeing a fixed fee in advance. For conveyancing transactions, a lot of solicitors will give you a fixed fee in advance. It is a good idea to get a few fixed fees and compare them.

Conveyancing Quotes
Unfortunately, not a lot of solicitors advertise their prices on their websites. If you are looking for conveyancing quotes one option is simply to call a few solicitor’s firms and ask them. This could be time-consuming. Another option is to find conveyancing quotes online.


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