Your eligibility for holding a driving license is affected should you have any type of seizure. All seizures, including minor ones, count. There are medical conditions that can cause seizures.

Of course, one of the most disheartening things is having your driving license revoked on medical grounds. You can imagine how unfortunate it is to lose your license because of epilepsy. While the situation might be demoralizing and hard to cope with, there is something legal you can do to get back your driving license. If you are thinking of applying for a driving license after epilepsy, you better involve the right and qualified expert to offer the ideal legal advice.

It is important to know that people with an epilepsy past can hold a driving license should they meet certain current legal requirements. You can seek advice from an epilepsy expert or your GP.

Normally, people are advised to start the process of reapplying for a driving license once their doctor deems them fit to drive. You should, therefore, talk to a doctor who will examine you and determine if you meet the epilepsy driving rules. Once you qualify, you have the green light for applying for driving license after epilepsy.

The reapplying process requires you to fill in a driving license application form as well as a medical questionnaire. You can get advice from your GP and lawyer to know the form to fill either for group 1 or group 2 license and also the driving agency you are applying to. These are the requirements of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency – GOV.UK

You have to fill out the medical questionnaire yourself if you are in England, Scotland or Wales. What you are needed to complete include the details of your seizure and the contact information of the GP or consultant handling your epilepsy conditions. You also have to give permission for DVLA to ask these medical professionals about your fitness to drive.

If you had your driving license revoked on medical grounds, you’ll have to wait till you’re cleared on medical condition. All the medical enquires have to be completed and you’ll also need to get back your driving license before you start driving again. There is a broad range of requirements that determine the exceptions and chances one get when receiving a driving license after epilepsy. All these affect the type of license you get or are interested in between group 1 and 2.

There are requirements that permit you to get back your license and at the same time, there are limitations. Some people may get the license for a limited period of time between 1 to 5 years after which their license gets renewed if no seizures occur due to epilepsy. All these may seem overwhelming to a patient of epilepsy considering the hard time they have already had. It is always advisable to seek help from the right experts if you are thinking of applying for a driving license after epilepsy.

Applying For A Driving Licence After Epilepsy
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